All about the Laura Wildish Launch


So incredibly excited to write and share this, my first ever blog! and it’s as an independent business owner too. After almost 3 years in development from the initial dream through to planning, the Laura Wildish website and brand are here, YES I’ve finally launched.
There have been times when I’ve doubted myself and the process, there is so much involved. The creative ideas come flowing when I want to create, but starting a brand and a business of your own is a whole new ball game.
So many decisions to make and so many things to get right. Now it’s finally here I feel elated, nervous, scared even but incredibly proud of myself for believing in my vision. If you are here and reading this, thank you.
A brand new brand has begun.

What a journey

Launching a brand can be a daunting thought, especially with limited funds and an incredibly ambitious idea. What I’ve learned throughout this journey is to trust your instincts, collaborate with people who are experts in their fields and be prepared to work hard and share the knowledge you’ve learned with others too. Be prepared for challenges, and massive learning curves but don’t forget to celebrate your small and big achievements along the way as each of these takes you that little bit closer to your dream. Growing up in a single-parent family, taught me resilience, empathy, tenacity, independence and also to have a very strong work ethic. Thanks to my mum

My family and friends have always known that I was destined to create something for myself and now it’s launched in all its colourful glory.

So what is my Laura Wildish collection all about?

Our no.1 launch clothing collection is the first Laura Wildish clothing line of elevated luxury oversized streetwear. It’s made in small batches and each one has my signature no. 1 number embellished on the back and the right arm. The carefully selected ‘sold out’ slogan has definitely something to say!
What are you waiting for?
The time is now.
Don’t wait until it’s too late.
Don’t wait ‘til it’s gone.
Don’t wait until it’s sold out.

Our Laura Wildish jewellery collection allows you to add that pop of colour and touch of bling to any outfit and can be mixed and matched and layered up for the ultimate colourful jewellery statement. There’s a colour for everyone. Which one will you choose?

Why the colour lilac?

It’s simple really, It’s my absolute favourite colour and my lilac brand colour is the perfect shade of pastel neon. That’s it!

Let me share a bit of my colour philosophy with you. Growing up I was quite shy and introverted when it came to my personality. When it came to my style that was another story. I have always worn colours and patterns with confidence as it makes me feel good and brings a smile to my face and my confidence would flourish. I let my style do all the talking.

My mum had a huge colour obsession and always wore bright colours when I was growing up, but then I noticed that as she started to get older, the colours started to fade a little. My mum once told me that the older she gets the more invisible she feels, which was so upsetting as my mum had always been fearless in her colour choices. My collection is all about embracing colour and owning who you are no matter what your age. My clothing collection is oversized, comfy and uber luxurious, created to make you look and feel wonderfully Wildish every day.

Join the Wildish tribe

Colour isn’t just for the summer season, colour should be worn all year round, so embrace the brights, sequins and fringing and let them stop and stare.
Why fit in when you can stand out.

I look forward to showing you the Wildish way where it’s all about slow standout fashion pieces that you can wear anywhere, anytime and on repeat.

Embrace your Wildish side and join the tribe.

Love Laura 💜

About Laura Wildish

Hello, I’m Laura Wildish, the founder and creator behind this slow fashion brand. Thank you for being here!
In this space, I’ll tell you a bit more about myself and how Laura Wildish turned from a dream to a sartorial reality.

During my 25 years working as a designer for well-known high-street brands, I’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the most talented people in the business within a creative environment. Now I’m ready to take all my knowledge and experience to create my own unique and authentic brand.

Laura Wildish is about creating something unique, different and with a purpose without any compromise. Time, love and attention to detail are paramount in every stage of our design process and decision making. We use only superior fabrics and materials to create products, which are of first class quality.

The result? You get to own a piece of outstanding Laura Wildish luxury.